Boracol 10Y

Boracol 10Y
for teakdecks

Boracol 20RH

For professional use in construction and renovation

Boracol 10RH

For garden furniture and other outdoor materials (concrete, stone)

Mold & Insect Protection - Boracol
The warm beauty of wood enriches our lives. Its natural charm inspires the imagination and its rich texture rewards the touch. But wood is organic - it needs to be protected to prevent damage by fungi and insect attack. Lavtox's line-up of boron-based products provides the naturally perfect protection your wood deserves.

Lavtox's Boracol is an inorganic, water-diffusible boron treatment that uses boric acid - a natural decay inhibitor - to prevend fungi and insect infestations. Moisture is an essential ingredient for wood decay and mold growth, making a water-borne anti-fungal treatment like Lavtox's Boracol particularly effective. The natural moisture of the wood itself carries the boric acid into the wood fibers to saturate and protect any wet areas. With 20% active ingredients, the Boracol "loads" the wood with decay-fighting ingredients, migrating deep into timber - even under dry wood conditions. Plus, Boracol works to prevent mold on inorganic materials like stone or concrete.

Lavtox's Boracol provides tough, long-lasting protecting, preventing dry rot, wet rot, fungi, algae or insect attacks. Boracol can be used as a remedial treatment - to protect a structure already damaged by insects, rot or fungus - or as a preventative and maintenance treatment. It is recommended for use on roof, floor or structural timbers; joinery; joist ends: brickwork: and door and window framing. Boracol is odorless, colorless, non-flammable and easy to apply to both new and existing structures.